Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

Author, Entrepreneur and Library Consultant

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I’ve taught parents, educators and students of all ages and abilities. How can I help your organization?

About Carrie

Carrie is the founder of Digital Respons-Ability, a mission-based company that has trained tens of thousands of parents, students and educators on digital citizenship. As a former librarian, Carrie continues to consult and train librarians. Carrie believes passionately in the ability of people to change and how libraries can be a tool for equity and education. In her role with Digital Respons-Ability Carrie continues to work with libraries as well as nonprofits, schools and government to create better humans online.

Training offered for libraries

Carrie specializes in training and consultations for librarians around teen services, serving those with autism, geek programming and digital citizenship. She has also trained on leadership, wellness for library staff, communication and more.

Training offered for businesses

Carrie specializes in training and consultations for businesses in the real of digital communications, digital wellness and leadership. She has taught business as an adjunct professor since 2017. 


Extensive library consulting experience

Carrie has worked as a consultant with libraries since 2014. She has trained for years with Utah State Library and worked with other state libraries to support their staff. She frequently publishes and writes for librarians and recently won a 2021 RUSA award for best reference title.

Since 2015 she has taught webinars with PeopleConnect Institute and has also done webinars the last few years with LibraryWorks. Carrie has traveled to various different states in the United States and Canada offering professional development to youth services and other staff.

Check out her recent interview with ABC-CLIO on her 2020 book Serving Teens and Adults on the Autism Spectrum: A Guide for Libraries

Digital Respons-Ability


In 2016 I left my job as a librarian to start Digital Respons-Ability. I loved being a librarian, but I saw gaps in digital citizenship education that needed to be filled. I wanted to serve a broader range of students, parents and adults. The talented staff at Digital Respons-Ability is available for digital citizenship trainings for students, parents and educators. 

Digital Citizenship

Digital Respons-Ability offers deep-dive, holistic and on the ground digital citizenship education for K-12 students. They have taught tens of thousands of students of different ages and abilities. For more details on what they offer for students see here.

Digital Parenting

Digital Respons-Ability staff provides digital parenting trainings for schools and other organizations, and individual and family one-on-one consultations. For more about their education, including their unique Three Ms of Digital Parenting message, see here.

“Behavior change is not easy. It requires knowledge, a shift in attitudes and then finally a shift in behavior. Are we simply sharing knowledge or actually helping change behavior?”

– Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

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