Carrie worked in libraries for about a decade and has won numerous awards as a librarian, including the Utah Librarian of the Year. She continues to consult and train librarians around the United States and Canada as an individual trainer, and through her company Digital Respons-Ability. See some of her articles through School Library Journal.

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Technology in the library

Carrie trains on digital citizenship and technology use library. Some tech topics include:

  • Create social media and acceptable use policy
  • Technology trends
  • Gaming 
  • Technology in programming

Neurodiversity and autism

Carrie has trained libraries extensively on sensory programming, working with teens and adults with autism, creating inclusive spaces and more. 


Carrie has has presented at library leadership conferences and taught library leaderships on such topics as:

  • Securing funding
  • Communication
  • Working with differing personalities
  • Community outreach
  • Creating policy


Carrie is available to consult and train on various different subjects for librarians and educators.

Working with the neurodiverse

Carrie is the author of Serving Teens and Adults with Autism: A Guide for libraries and a RUSA-recognized outstanding reference title. She works on helping libraries better serve the neurodiverse.

Online Safety & Privacy

Want to better help your students or patrons safe online?  Carrie is available for training on making the library and classroom more safe and private for all ages and abilities.

Digital Communication

Learn how to better digital communicate in your organization. Carrie has taught parents, students and businesses digital etiquette.

Media Literacy

Carrie has presented on how to update media literacy education for the 21st century. Carrie encourages us all to update the 5Ws of media literacy.

Parent Services

Carrie and staff at her company Digital Respons-Ability are available for digital parenting consultations and trainings. They have worked with hundreds of parents, helping them navigate technology with their children in a research-based way. Their trainings and consultations are based around youth developmental stages. They can recommend what, if any, technology is best for certain ages and what parents should be looking out for as their children grow.

To find more digital parenting resources and about Digital Respons-Ability’s parent services see their site.

Digital Parenting Consultations

30 minute and 60 minute digital parenting consultations available. Get a customized family media plan and research-based recomendations. 

Digital Parenting Events

Have a digital parenting event at your school, home or other organization. These 60-90 minute presentations can be done virtually and in Spanish upon request.

Customized Digital Parenting Trainings

Want more help for your family? Contact us about customized digital parenting help.